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Outdoor Laying Instructions

Beforehand arrange the Mozart Tiles on the ground to define the correct positioning and distance between the footsteps.

Mark the perimeter of the tile by making a few grooves in the ground.

Lift the tile and then remove the top layer of grass.

Remove the top layer of the turf (to a depth of approx. 6-7 cm).

Clean and level the underlying ground.


Add a layer of gravel to smooth off the sub-bed and provide more stability.

Place the tile above the ground level by about 0.5/1 cm to allow the subsequent natural leveling to the ground.

Compact the edges to lay the tile flush to the ground.

In the case where the leveling is not optimal, lift the tile with the appropriate crimping tool and reposition it correctly.

Indoor Laying Instructions

After having made the screed according to the best working standards, it needs a good surface cleaning before proceeding with the laying.

Spread the glue evenly to ensure a perfectly plane surface.

When laying, it is recommended to check that the slab has adhered correctly to the glue layer.

Mozart is squared and single work- size and can therefore be laid with a 3 mm plus spacer (plus spacer 3mm=Joint 3/4mm).

After laying, grout the floor.

Wash the first layer of grout residue carefully after grouting.

A final buffered acid wash must be done to remove any invisible grout residues.