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Our company Profile

Mozart Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. Located in Morbi (Ceramic hub), Gujarat is an ISO 9001:2008 and CE certified Company. Our team is having more than 10 years of experience in Manufacturing Ceramic Tiles. Our current working partners are well equipped to handle their respective department as they are also associated with business of Raw materials, Plant Maintenance, Quality assurance and Marketing of tiles.

We are currently manufacturing Double Charge Vitrified tiles of size 600x600mm, 800x800mm & 800x1200mm and our special product portfolio consists of 600x600mm, 600x1200mm and 800x800mm Full body Vitrified tiles. We have five design patterns in Double charge and 16 colors in Full body vitrified tiles in size 800x800mm and in each color we have three type of surface finish Glossy, Matt and Punch so with this range we have largest portfolio of Full body vitrified tiles in size 800x800mm. Our partner companies are Dell Ceramic and Salon ceramics. In Dell ceramic we manufacture wall tiles of size 300x450mm, 300x600mm & 254x762mm. In Salon ceramic we manufacture Digital print vitrified tiles for parking use of size 300x300mm & 398x398mm. Mozart and its group companies are capable to fulfill all your tiles requirement.

We have production capacity of 9,000 sq.mtr. (96,875 sq.ft.) per day. Our plant is equipped with latest technology machinery and laboratory equipments. We have spray drier, Press, Five layer drier, Pre kiln and Kiln of Sacmi (Italian company, pioneer of ceramic machinery), Double charge feeder are of Boffin, Polishing line of Keda. Our shorting line consist of Calibro planner machine of Appel (Italian Company) this machine checks surface planarity and squaring of tiles so we can supply tiles with minimum bend as per international standards. We have hired quality control staff and engineers from big companies such as Kajaria and Somany.

We are currently supplying tiles to well known companies such as AGL and its sister brand Bonzer7, NITCO, previously we were supplying to Simpolo Ceramic.

Currently we are exporting in United Kingdom, South Africa, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil. In domestic market we have a marketing staff of 20 person who work on field and 8 staff at head office for marketing coordination and dealer service. We also have 4 person staff to solve any complains, these people personally visit the complain site and resolve all the issues.

Production capacity is 9000 sq. mtr. per day
Equipped with Italian machinery
More than 10 years of experience in ceramic industry

next gen. technology

Calibro Planer Machine

This machine checks surface planarity and squaring of tiles so we can provide tiles with zero bend.

Spray Drier

We prepare our body using Sacmi spray drier. This machine helps us to prepare vitrified body with zero batch variation. It is energy efficient and also keeps a tab on emission of toxics in atmosphere.

Latest Press

Green Tiles are formed using Sacmi press. This is the most advanced hydraulic pressing system in world.

Large Ware house

Storage of finished products on metal racks to prevent breakage of tiles in warehouse.

QC Planometer

Result of advanced Italian technology, imparts highest quality attributes to the product making it a flawless creation.